Genting Highlands offers a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities outside the amusement park and surrounding tourist attractions.

  • Casinos are undoubtedly the main attraction here. The Genting Casinos are the only ones on the mainland that are licensed to gamble in Malaysia.
  • Since Muslims are not allowed to gamble, guests here are mainly Chinese and tourists. However, a few Malays (Muslims) would like to make a gamble, but it is very likely that they will ask for an ID or passport.
  • It is known, that many Chinese with their earned money of that day, by the evening take the car to the Genting Highlands to gamble with the money in the casino. They drive from Kuala Lumpur, which is about 50 kilometers lower. Gambling is a great way to make your fortune at night. The casino is open 24 hours.

The casinos are open to everyone (duration for non-Muslims) and you must be 21 years of age. Of course there is a dress code to enter. Various games can be played including: poker, roulette, Black Jack, Tai Sai, French Boule, baccarat.

The casino itself is fantastic! The Genting Casino has over five hundred table games and three thousand machines. It takes a long time to play all the machines once. Not to forget the inside man, there are several restaurants, where you can fill your empty stomach for a while. There are tasty dishes from all over the world waiting for you and you don’t have to leave the casino!

What casino can you find in Malaysia?

The casino was built in 1965 in the Genting Highlands, on the Titiwangsa Mountain. With the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, nearby you can easily visit the Casino. From the bus station (Puduraya) there are busses to the top. It only takes about an hour, or you can take the Genting Skyway, the gondola elevator to enjoy the surroundings, before you can experience the excitement at the Casino de Genting!

The casino is very popular. Here you can try to enrich your vacation money.

There are several good hotels to stay at. They are: Awana Genting Highland, Genting Hotel, Highland Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, and First World Hotel. The last hotel, First World Hotel is a very large hotel, which is the largest hotel in the world. Many people, including Dutch people, go to the casino to try their luck.

1 ) What is the dress code at the Casino?

In general, the dress code is: smart casual. Please note the following :

– Shorts and singlets are not allowed for men.

– Shoes or sandals with ankle strap for men.

– Sunglasses, hats / caps are not allowed.

– No face masks.

2 ) Can I go to the casino with a camera?

No, all types of hand-phone/pocket PC/ electronic equipment with photography devices/ digital cameras are prohibited in the casino.

3 ) Are there live broadcasts of sports events in the station?

Yes, there are nine plasma televisions distributed throughout the Casino and the Genting, showing exclusive live broadcasts of sports events and the latest events in the resort.