Many tourists travel to Malaysia to see historical wonders such as the temple Kek Lok Si, the orangutans at Semenggoh or the impressive nature reserve Royal Belum. Other tourists cannot resist the entertainment of Genting Highlands. These are often not Dutch travelers, who generally don’t find a lot of them and only get there when they travel with children. Asian travelers see a visit to Genting as a real highlight, not only because of the amount of casino belgium you have there.

  • The beautiful highlands resort is located in the Titiwangsa Mountains, in the Pahang region. It’s nice and cool because of the altitude and you can walk there without the sweat breaking out right away. The view from the luxurious hotels of Genting Highlands is breathtaking, although that is not even the main reason to visit the resort. That is the fantastic entertainment offer!

Casinos in Malaysia

The resort contains huge indoor and outdoor amusement parks and organizes an endless series of concerts. There are also the only casinos in the whole of Malaysia. A few large and hectic and also some quite luxurious and quiet casinos. In short, this is the ultimate place to escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

Several great attractions

And there’s so much more to do in Genting Highlands next to the casino. The open-air amusement park is currently undergoing a thorough renovation and will be reopened in early 2020. But for children there will be plenty of entertainment left over, for example in the Funtasy World Video Games Park. And in SnowWorld, a surreal winter wonderland is served up all year round. There is also a huge shopping mall with hundreds of stores, including several outlet stores.

Genting Highlands

Other highlights are the many golf courses, the performances of pop stars such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and the Be A Star Karaoke Club. In short, this hotspot of entertainment knows how to keep everyone happy.

Visitors to Genting Highlands should also try the nearby temple Chin Swee Caves. The Taoist temple has recently been restored, stands in an overwhelming location and is therefore a beautiful backdrop for photos.